No NaNo, But Yes ROW80

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year. The timing was off due to some domestic issues – moving house impacted my ability to get prepared in time for the WriMo kickoff. (I’m a prepper, not a pantser).

However, even though late by about 40 days, I’m sticking up a goal to enter the final leg of ROW80 for this year. ROW80 stands for A Round of Words in 80 Days – there are four rounds a year, the last kicked off in October. 2012 starts in January with ROW80.

As I’ve started my next novel, and am following the platform building procedures of Kirsten Lamb, I become aware that all the blog posting and networking to start building that author’s platform is too distracting for my goals to actually write.

ROW80 will hopefully keep me more honest – if I stick up my goals here, and feed them into my blog, then hopefully I have something to prove to myself. Blogging writing takes time and effort – and I’m used to it. BUT – it’s taking me away from my actual fiction writing.So, coming up, my ROW80 goals to keep me honest.

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