#ROW80 Checkin 16th November

It’s only been a day since posting my initial ROW80 goals. I received a comment on these via twitter, identifying that they were ‘strong’. In the context of writing a novel over time, they are. In the context of writing in something like NaNoWriMo, they aren’t – I’ve previously completed 10,000 words per day over the course of a month.I’m a kitchen-sink writer – it’s either all go or no go for me. Constraining myself to write for only a few hours per day is a new writing experience for me this month.

That’s not to say I can continue to do my one-month blast nowadays. So, I’m very happy that despite several hours of daytime commitments, I’ve managed to do some catchup on my overall wordcount goals this week already, and completed over 8000 words in two days.

Doing the ‘it feels good’ happy dance.

ROW80 Checkin:

Since posting my initial goals, I have made some progress, documented here –

  • 15th November – WIP completed 3488 more words.
  • 16th November – WIP completed 5099 more words.

Author Platform and other social media goals – not completed as yet for this week, but will be my next day’s work, starting fresh at 8:00am tomorrow morning.

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