#ROW80 – Can Open, Worms all over the place.

Up until Saturday I was doing fine, just fine. In fact, I was over and above my initial ROW80 goals and even thinking about a possibility of racing towards a sudden NaNoWriMo win. (See checkin below).

Then something happened. My main character, who had been niggling at me for some days now, combined with some additional research into her fictional profession, led me – yesterday, to decide I need to do something I’ve never done before – stop everything, and go back to rewrite the entire thing – all 18,000 words of it.

There’s a scene in the American sitcom, “Friends” where I can quote Chandler –

“Can Open, Worms all over the place”.

My main character opened a particular can of worms – she didn’t like the way I was writing her – too self-centred, too whingy. I’ve not had a character speak to me like that before, but when you consider she’s a psychologist, maybe I should have expected it.

So, to use yet another screwy metaphor, the worm has turned.

I’ve had to completely rewrite some of my ROW80 goals for this week also. Instead of writing and wordcount goals for my WIP, I’m to begin rewriting or revising (there are some scenes in there which don’t need too much rework, or are usable as they are).

This makes setting goals a little difficult – it’s much easier to set wordcount goals – they’re a number. But rewrite or editing goals? That’s more in line with setting a timebound goal. The wordcount target and timeline on that has now gone by the wayside. On Saturday I began the process of rewriting, and although I added an additional 1700 words on that day, my total WIP wordcount dropped.

Below You’re Find the Checkin with progress towards last week’s ROW80 goals. I’ll provide my new ROW80 writing goals on the next post, to keep it a little tighter. There are also some new goals I actually added for myself a few days ago. I want this particular novel to be quite tight to the reality of my main character’s profession, and for this to happen, I need to spend some managed time reading text books and researching also.

ROW80 Checkin (for last week):

WIP Novel

  • 17th November – WIP 1400 words completed
  • 18th November – WIP 2979 words completed
  • 19th November – WIP 174 words (edited)

Total for week (target of 10000 words) -18477 words.

Author Platform and Social Media

The below impacted my ability to work on my WIP on the 17th, hence the smaller word count on that.

  • Completed and Posted one blog post – 898 words.
  • Wrote a series of blog posts – 4 part series, at last count – 3000+ words.
  • Posts written for social media pages – 2 at total of minimal words.
  • I also spent some dedicated time on social media platforms, found some very interesting tweeters to read, and commented on others.

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