#ROW80 – New Goals for Week

I am this week moving into a total rewrite function for my WIP. Read about this in my previous post. Here are my new ROW80 writing goals for the forseeable future.

Some of the below needs to be flexible to suit other commitments, and they’re written in a reasonable priority order.

1. WIP Goals (Working Title – Suburban Death)

  1. Rewrite Chapters 1-3 for the main character (4 hours per day)
  2. Continue with WIP with target of 2000 words per day.
  3. Weekly target – 10,000 words per week.
  4. Keep it honest – document the goals and results via ROW80 or other facilities.

2. Author Platform Goals

  1. Write content for blog – 2-3 articles per week
  2. Write content for social media pages
  3. Spend daily time on social media and building network. (Daily, 1/2 hour after WIP writing).

3. Research and Reading GoalsĀ 

  1. Spend some time, where possible, each day on Researching / Reading and contacting people over my research topics (Books, Websites, Emails, E-Books) (Flexible time necessary, but minimal 1 hour per day)
  2. Locate a Psychology mentor – contacts and emails to be sent
  3. Read a good fiction book or more (flexible target – one or two a month?)

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