#ROW80 Checkin 23rd – Rewrite Over, Onto More Writing.

Entering this week, I had taken the decision to alter some of my #ROW80 goals. I needed to spend some time rewriting my first few chapters to add some more characterisation. Here are the new goals I’m working to this week.

I am thankful that despite procrastinating over how to start all that, I managed to complete the task within two days. Wordcount stats are relatively random – I know I deleted several hundred if not thousands of words in my rewrite of every single scene, but at the final count, I’d managed to add 1800 onto the full wordcount so far.

I don’t normally go back and re-read or edit while in first draft mode. Doing so this time produced some interesting conclusions for me. Aside from the wimpy characterisation, I generally liked what I first read, and I have continued to use all the scenes I wrote last week. I’m sure they’re really messy on second draft, and will need much editing and rewriting, but it was a pleasant surprise to see I was making a little sense on first draft.

I also managed to do a few author platform things, and spent far too much time on blog design and writing blog articles that interested me – that impacted my WIP wordcount.

1. WIP Goals (Working Title – Suburban Death)

  1. Rewrite Chapters 1-3 for the main character (spent – 6 hours in total)
  2. Continue with WIP with target of 2000 words per day.
  • 21 November – did not write in WIP, but did planning of rewrite and some journal work with main character to find the voice I wanted.
  • 22 November – did full rewrite up to current scene. (Spent 6 hours). Total words added to WIP = 1852 words (unknown how many I deleted).
  • 23 November – fail. I used my Goal 2 below to procrastinate with.

2. Author Platform Goals

  1. Write content for blog – 2-3 articles per week.
  • I wrote and posted two new blog article during these days. The series written last week requires more editing before posting, and more research reading.Total wordcount on blog posts = 4500 words
  1. Write content for social media pages (Done and published)
  1. Spend daily time on social media and building network. (Daily, 1/2 hour after WIP writing).Yes. My twitter time etc has been intermittant these few days, due to the requirements above, and it’s coming up to Christmas with all the end of year school events that that entails. But I’ve been reading a few blogs and commenting on them.

Additional note – on Wednesday I spent quite some hours re-designing my blog. The template I had used previously wasn’t allowing for any pictures to show. Swapping themes means I had to go through all the setup again, look at the images used, and select and create a multiple of different widgets and items to fill the theme fields. As a creative designer this made me very happy to be creating designs again, but it was easy to take up all day on the task.This impacted my writing on my WIP – I did none. But hopefully it’s now finalised and I can move on.

3. Research and Reading Goals

  1. Research reading (1 hour per day) – done (spent slightly longer some days – the topics are quite indepth).
  2. Find a mentor – Fail – I haven’t as yet. Although my emails to a couple have been met with more information useful in self-research. Busy people, and understandably not that much interested in fiction.
  3. Read fiction – I purchased two-three new releases in the Kindle store this week, and am looking forward to reading them later in the day.

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