#ROW80 Checkin 27 Nov – A Bit, A Bob

I always feel a little fraudulent with the ROW80 checkins scheduled on Sundays. My own writing routines exist Monday – Friday, which isn’t to say that I’ve not used weekends for writing before. The ROW80 Wednesday checkins therefore result in more witnessable progress, and Sunday’s shows little, only capturing a couple of day’s work.

Still, there’s been a little to show –

1. WIP Novel

After fully rewriting my first several chapters early on last week, it was a little difficult to get back into the flow to add on more. My word count for the end of the week was less than I normally would hope for, and certainly less than the week before. On Friday my whole family was home sick – including me. So the 3034 words added around several naps and paracetomol doesn’t look that bad on hindsight.

  • Thursday – WC added 2165
  • Friday – WC added 3034

Total for WIP wordcount to date 25528.

2. Author Platform

  • No additions to the blog (but several ideas for this week).
  • Some social media.
  • Mostly reading on areas such as Indie Publishing / Self-Publishing and continuing my own skills upgrade on actually creating a platform.
  • Joined a couple of writing networks on the net.

3. Research and Reading

  •  I’m still failing to find a UK based mentor for my questions towards forensic psychology, but am slowly making inroads into reading several thick textbooks on the subject.
  • Over the weekend – and my sickday on Friday – I read a new thriller novel lately out. I intend doing a quick review for my blog, but reading as a writer has made for an interesting analysis of what I might like to do – and to avoid doing – in my own writing also.

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