#ROW80 Checkin – Where Creativity Kicks in and Goals Go Wrong

I’m a creative of old. Heck, we all are, we writers – aren’t we? But when I say creative, I actually mean I’m pretty good with my hands – crafting, hobbies, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, drawing, painting, modeling, digital design – you name it, I’m reasonably good at it, and can suck myself into doing it without any push.

It’s not a good thing when you’re supposed to be working on your novel’s first draft, however.

The plans for this week were simple – write some more on the WIP.

Over the first couple of days, I failed at it. I think I now know why (phew, tongue-twister) – it’s to do with lack of outlining – I raced into the writing in November, thinking I might just be able to call myself a winner by the end of NaNoWriMo (although I always said I wouldn’t be doing WriMo this year). I simply didn’t give myself the time to outline. So I had scene plans for the first few chapters, and of course – knew where everything would roughly end up, but coming up to the middle section – the hardest – and my motivation has dropped.

I’m floundering.

On Wednesday 30th, it being the last day of NaNoWriMo and all, my guilt (a useful tool sometimes) got the best of me, and I semi-made up for my lack of writing earlier on. I added 4287 words to my WIP. Not exactly par for the week – I have another 6000 to go for the week’s target now. Twitter was full of writers celebrating their NaNoWriMo wins. Their success spirred me on a little.

So – here’s what I have done over the last few days towards my ROW80 goals –

  1. I appear to have redesigned this, my writing blog (which feeds into the author’s platform at HunterEmkay.com) by transferring it over from a Tumblr blog onto a platform I have more control over. Yep, enjoy designing webpages too much.
  2. I’ve written three more blog posts for HunterEmkay.com, including a book review on a thriller I’ve lately read.
  3. I’ve designed up a mock book cover for my WIP. (like it?)
  4. I’ve started reading a writer’s craft book on outlining.
  5. I’ve read up on indie publishing requirements and further researched into what it might take to find my own readers for my fiction. I got disheartened by this a little, because many people suggested giving away whole books as samples to draw in readers. But I took the idea on board and –
  6. Came up with a prequel idea for a novella in the same series as my WIP which would – in the future – fit the bill for a free giveaway etc.
  7. Got annoyed in Twitter when all the people who have returned my ‘follows’ this week (I follow them because I’m interested in their thoughts and tweets) have auto-followed me back with a standard message selling me all their fiction. Seriously – how about getting to know me first?
  8. Added 4000 words to my WIP.
  9. Got the Christmas tree and decorations out. Hey, here in Australia they start decorating really early.
  10. Worked out that I’m 17 hours ahead in timing for the ROW80 checkins. Giving me a whole day to make up for a slight lack of WIP work. *Grins*

It’s not all bad.

Putting myself into the design mode of creating my mock book cover allowed me the space and a day’s work time to think through some of the problems in my WIP which are stopping me from moving on.

The book I’m currently reading – Outlining Your Novel -by K.M.Weiland  – has reminded me that I have never been a pantser, and previously always plotted for several months before embarking on the actual draft. I may not use her method, but reading the book has brought me back to ways I know I can work with to alter the course of procrastination currently affecting my WIP, Suburban Death.

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Checkin – Where Creativity Kicks in and Goals Go Wrong

  1. Wow. I was like a deer in the headlights for a moment. I saw the name and the voodoo doll and was like, yes I know her but I knew I hadn’t been to this site (used to Tumblr). Then I saw your post about you moving. LOL. Welcome to wordpress! hehe. Cool cover. Ugg. The whole buy my fiction thing drives me nuts. It makes me want to unfollow them quick.

    1. Yep, sorry for shocking you with the move. More control over here at wordpress, is all. Nice to get your comment, Ryan.

  2. You’ve done quite a lot toward your goals! That’s good news. And the cover is very cool. If I saw that in a bookstore, I would definitely pick it up to have a look.

    I just got the same outlining book and am planning to read through it during the early days of December to see if it will help me figure out some things about my WIP.

  3. It’s like I tell all the WriMos in my group. You might not be on track per NaNo but whatever you write is something and that is nothing to sneeze at.

    Congrats on your goals.

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