#ROW80 Checkin – A Little Here, A Little There

Progress report for last week, ending on Sunday 4th December – a bit of writing, a lot of family.

Goal 1 – WIP Novel

Thursday – wrote 2013 words, Friday wrote 3446 words, total 35274 on WIP.

Not too bad, but missed my target of 10,000 words for the week, and am going to miss the full end of ROW80 goal. But – it’s December, and there’s a lot going on what with end of school events, work events, Christmas shopping (which I’m running late on) etc. So, I’m quite happy with the work effort on the novel, and how it’s ticking along.

Goal 2 – Author Platform

I wrote a couple more posts for blogs – but these are more appropriately put onto this writing blog, rather than my website. At some point I’ll probably combine the two, but while doing posts like this one (ROW80 and other challenges), I’d rather leave my hunteremkay.com website holding all the content associated with my novel in progress.

Bringing up the point that this week I’m really tired, fighting off a cold, and not feeling entirely motivated to write up blog posts to add content anywhere. We’ll see how I go.

Social networking – I enjoy twitter much more than facebook, always have. I’ve also added quite a few comments to other’s blogs where I’ve liked what I’ve read. Unfortunately a lot of blog owners don’t think to reciprocate, or make commenting really difficult to do with both a catcha to get through, plus authorisation of the comment before it makes an appearance. At which point, I’ve often lost interest in building the conversation with them – which is what comments are meant to be about? I’m noting what works for me, at least, and will apply those principles to my own blogs. I also think that I’m slowly finding a few writers out there that I enjoy communicating with, and who appear to have something in common with me.

Last week I also joined up with three writing communities, which I need to concentrate on today. I am hoping to locate one or two writing buddies – people who are at roughly the same stage in building their writing career as me, and who can provide writing support via emails or IMs etc.

In the future I am aware that it looks more and more difficult to locate beta readers for new work. Even some of the biggest writing forums which offer boards that provide this are full of requests for beta reading, but only a few consistent people provide this. I can understand this in a way – most of us as writers are busy writing. To read somebody else’s full novel or even some chapters over and over again – that takes a lot of work.

I offered to beta read for one writer who was requesting it for a thriller novel. However, as yet, almost five days after posting, I’ve not heard from that person. Finding a good beta reading group seems – at this point – a difficult process. I’m almost thankful my own WIP isn’t yet at that point.

Goal 3 – Reading and Research

I managed to read another thriller ebook over the weekend. As writers, we know that it’s important to keep reading, so a big tick on that one. I’m also reading – slowly – a couple of writing craft books, which I’ll probably talk about on this blog at a later date. And then there’s the continuous research going on, daily.

I’ve found in writing my WIP that questions hit me daily, forcing me out of the writing and into researching before I can carry on.

Sometimes that’s not a bad thing – when I find out my answer and return, I quickly have to re-read back on the recent writing – to get back into the flow, and in doing so – often a simple rewrite will firm up a sentence or two that sticks out.

It’s an interesting discovery for me. I previously never re-read any of my writing during the first draft. Now, when I do so, I’m finding I actually like most of what I have written, and some simple tweaks can really solidify those few paragraphs.

One thought on “#ROW80 Checkin – A Little Here, A Little There

  1. You may not have made your WC target but I still think you did well. I know it’s hard getting out there with other writers. But things like ROW80 and those writing communities are good for us. Sorry about the troubles in finding a beta. Ah, the questions. Those drive me nuts. But I’ve found that the more I outline, world build and develop my characters ahead of time, the less those questions seem to rear their sometimes ugly head. Anyway, hope you have a good week 🙂

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