#ROW80 Checkin – Down Tools

For my writing this week, I’ve taken a bit of a “down tools” on my ROW80 goals for the remainder of this month, anyway.

I spent the first two days thrown into a research task – I’m writing a psychological thriller and very much needed to obtain a much more technical viewpoint of some mental disorders relevant to some of my characters. This has resulted in the writing of a large series of blog posts (still in draft form) and several thousand words (which need to be edited), so although I’ve not added wordcount this week onto my fiction WIP, I’ve worked on providing some of that through to my author platform in the near future.

Other than those research posts, I’ve also published two/three more posts on Monday.

Wednesday (yesterday for me) was spent completely away from home.I originally expected to feel very guilty when writing up this checkin post for the ROW80 self-enforced writing challenges. Afterall, I’d spent all week not actually writing on my WIP, thus failing at my prime target and goal. But things changed –

It’s that time of the year – Christmas, and yesterday was the end of the school year for my daughter. We had an end of year ceremony to get through, and by the end of the day I was too tired to do much else, let alone spending time in my WIP.

However, the ceremony actually implemented some more goals and task thoughts into me. I’m working on instilling a new thought process for goal setting into my daughter – she wants to receive a prize in school work, and to work on particular projects over the next year. Working with a nine year old to create manageable goals for the new year, has benefited my own motivation. There are a couple of wonderful ebooks purchaseable to allow parents to now talk with kids about how to make their dreams or wishes come true.Reading through those books with her this morning, and leaving her to draw out mindmaps, answer her own life questions about what she truly wants (despite her Mum wanting her to be a brilliant mathematician, or award winning scientist or something) brings up the same questions again within me.

Both of us will have a condensed but challenging set of goals ready for the New Year – which includes the debut publishing of my own novel. To start off, I will be joining in the ROW80 first round of 2012, with a smaller set of main goals and targets to get through. For this month’s round, I’ll carry on, working on everything I planned to work on, but with more onus on also having some summer holiday fun with my daughter too. And, I’m excited!

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