#ROW80 Checkin – Nothing Much to Report

As with my entry for Wednesday last week, I have nothing much to report for the rest of the week. I published one of the first of a several thousand word blog post series at hunteremkay.com and that’s about it.

From a WIP progress, last week saw me take a week off. The week itself was just too busy with Christmassy and finishing school events for the year. I’ve taken the liberty of spending a bit of money to send my daughter off onto some holiday activities this week – she’s going to be creating stuff (her dream) and I’m going to be writing (my dream), with about five hours each day going free for me.

And some pretty dismal wet weather outside as an incentive. I was of the foolish thinking that Sydney was meant to be hot in the summer. Apparently we are entering a 50 year record cold summer for the area. From a writing perspective, that’s fortunate. Not so much for my bored daughter on school holidays.

I’ve been reading some writing craft books again. Possibly not a great idea to do that when half-way through your WIP first draft – because they give you more ideas and make you consider some drastic re-writes. I’m stopping myself from doing that again, but have a gathering notebook of new ideas I want to consider for the second draft.

The December 11th Checkin blog post at ROW80 is enticing people to come up with the ROW80 Christmas Carol. So far, it’s very early – only a couple of responses to read (I am around 17 hours ahead of most ROW80 writers based in the US), but it wasn’t until reading the two that are there, that I began to see just how swapable the word “Row” is for carols. Have a read at the comments also on the ROW80 blog, to find your own.


2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Checkin – Nothing Much to Report

  1. Better luck next week! I love dreary weather, so maybe I need to move there. I’d curl up with a mug of tea (or booze) and a book never to be heard from again. 🙂

  2. Hunter, it does seem that everyone is overly busy with holiday planning and not getting a lot of writing done, so you are by no means alone.

    Your description of the weather in Sydney reminds of my years in Seattle; surprisingly, I found the weather chilled me more there than in northern Indiana with feet of snow on the ground.

    I’m trying to read the craft books while I am still outlining and brainstorming. I would get too fragmented if I were reading them during the writing.

    I hope you have a lovely week, and replenish the well.

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