AW Novel Challenge

Last week I joined with Absolute Write’s Water Cooler – this is one of the biggest writing forums across the world. I’ve found it a little difficult to make any inroads through the many forums however  but have some good news to offer here.

The AW Water Cooler has a set of rules which means newbies to the forums can’t submit their work for feedback without first doing 50 posts. This wasn’t my own objective, but it seems the rules may also work in reverse. I offered to beta read for a new thriller writer who requested this, but over two weeks have had no response. The beta reading and critique board is crying out for new beta readers, but you appear to have to have put in time critiquing somebody’s own chapter offerings before being taken seriously.

Fortunately, other areas of the Water Cooler are going a little better for me. I joined up with a challenge – the W1S1 new Novel Challenge. The W1S1 challenges have been going for some time, based on weekly or monthly commitments to write a short story and submit another for publication. Finally longer fiction is being dealt with, via the new Novel Challenge which commenced November (presumably alongside NaNoWriMo). The challenge itself is a little less impacted by rules – there’s no time limit on writing or submitting the novel, for instance.

But bringing me into a community of novelists will be hopefully helpful to me, so I just joined up.

Additionally, I wrote a post requesting like minded writing buddies, and have been contacted by two – who happen to live in New South Wales also. Both write fantasy, which I don’t mind at all (provided they aren’t too disinterested in my current genre of thrillers), and both appear to have quite a bit in common with me. I am hopeful that we can form a threesome of writing buddies who can provide some email support to each other. Maybe, at some point, we can even meet up.

I would still like to find some other writing buddies out of the thriller genre area, and still remain hopeful that somehow I will be able to enter the beta reading field when my work in progress is ready for it.

One thought on “AW Novel Challenge

  1. Hi Hunter! I’ve been a member over at AW for a while. I can relate to what you say about the forum – it is difficult to find an inroad into such a huge, diverse community. I’ve been enjoying the W1S1 and Flash Fiction forums, so I was very excited about this novel challenge. Now, I’m starting to find my place in the community, I think.

    I started writing crits in the forums a while back and found that most people seemed open to my remarks, some even very appreciative. There were a few weird crit threads that made me take a step back from it, for a while, and I question whether that particular forum will meet my own crit needs (as I will have need of readers next year).

    I look forward to seeing you around the Novel Challenge forum. Bring on 2012!

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