#ROW80 Checkin – Productive Offerings

Although I’ve not added to my WIP as yet this week, I’ve added several blog posts, and also had some good success within the author platform and support area. I consider, at this time in my writing, that finding some good supportive buddies, and networking with other writers is one of my own first concerns (aside from the WIP).

ROW80, the writer’s challenge to make and report goals, is now into the last week of the Round 4 challenge this year. It finishes next Wednesday 22nd. I joined half-way through, and realise now that my own goals were a little ott, but I entered without an initial website or blogsite for writing, and without having done some of the research I have lately found necessary to allow me to continue on with my WIP novel with any authenticity.

I’ve found working through ROW80 both positive, and negative – having to write these checkin blogposts is actually a little impactive of my own WIP functions. I also sometimes feel obligated to go around and read and comment on other participants blogs – which I really enjoy having done to me, but totally appreciate how much time and effort it takes for people to do the “rounds”.

To get on with my actual WIP this week, I’ve resolved to not read anyone else’s blogs this checkin, nor on Sunday, but to have a celebratory blast next Wednesday. I will miss reading everyone else’s posts, but want to set out good for the next week. I hope people can understand this for one week, but I feel I really need to make some movement into my fiction. I won’t be providing a checkin post on Sunday (Monday morning for me) either. Life, at the moment, is incredibly busy.

Checkin Stats for the last few days.

  • 5318 words written / published in total – these include several blog posts (but not this one) posted both to here, and onto hunteremkay.com (I really like my psychopathy series I am publishing over the next couple of weeks).
  • 3500 words written in another blog article ready to be published Friday.
  • Graphics work – played around with my mocked up book covers again (designing in a series is interesting) and updated the slides on the homepage of hunteremkay.com. This type of work is important to me (but can be a procastinator) – it’s a fine line between finding more creativity in doing something creative, and using it as an excuse to not write.
  • 14 hours in total spent on my writing goals Monday-Wednesday. Quite pleased with this, given I was out of the office for hours yesterday consulting over a tooth extraction. Yikes. Time includes social media – although I’ve been remiss in keeping up with my twitter buddies, but am happy to notice that more and more authors are following me, so there must be something helpful in my own occasional tweets.
  • As an aside, I’ve also spent quite a few hours researching into creative children’s writing and setting goals. My daughter and I are spending lots of time coming up with a set of goals for her next year (including getting a trampoline), and strategising steps. One of her choices is to be more creative, including her creative writing area. So I wrote up a post on it. Not sure where I’ll put it, but.
  • New goal coming up for ROW80 next year – something about continuing to build a writing support network beneficial to myself and for those in it.

Big News.

I am glad to say I’ve found a couple of writing buddies who live reasonably locally to me ie in New South Wales. This will be a new world to me, and I guess we’ll take each email as it comes, with plans to possibly meet up at the Sydney Writer’s Festival next May. My two buddies write in the Fantasy area, so one day I would perhaps like to find a mentor within the thriller streams – but firstup, get that first novel finished.


One thought on “#ROW80 Checkin – Productive Offerings

  1. This sounds like you’ve had some great successes with Row80. I agree that the check-in is both positive and negative. I cut back to one check-in a week because it allowed me to really measure my progress more fairly. I like to visit and comment on everyone’s blogs, but I’ve randomly selected a dozen or two each week to try and connect with as many as possible over the course of the round. I like it and will be back.

    Congrats of your blogging and site! Excellent stuff!

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