#ROW80 Checkin – Back to work

This ROW80 checkin will be brief – not much to report. I’m still sitting with weeks of summer holidays for my daughter ahead of me, but have hope of making good on working on my WIP novel, and spending several hours a day dedicated to it (without impacting my daughter’s hols too much also).

This week signafies the official “Back to Work” for me. My husband has returned to work himself today, leaving only my daughter to keep occupied. This morning I’ve thrown a crafting kit at her, and haven’t had too many interuptions from her so far. She’s making a cushion, I’ve been working on this blogsite, adding in some contact details etc, as per some valuable comments given to me last week.

Last week I spent several hours working on a character interview of my protaganist. It’s for a blogtrain challenge I signed up for at Absolute Write, soon to be published. But of course, doing a character interview is helpful to my WIP anyway.

My new year’s goals for writing include spending two hours per day on writing, and so far I’ve managed to do so. From this week, I want to include a wordcount value towards my progress. And I want to get on with the WIP itself – I got myself stuck on a sex scene, of all things. Perhaps I’m becoming more conservative in my older age, but for this particular scene, I’m stumbling over how much detail – or not – I need to include to provide the emotional conflict necessary for setting up a later scene, and how little I need to go into the nitty-titty, shall we say?

Today, I’m going to see where that scene takes me.

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Checkin – Back to work

    1. Thanks Eli. I must point out that I re-followed you back on twitter just now, based solely on the awesomeness that is your twitter background. As the kiwis would say – “Sweet as!”

    1. Haha. I nearly didn’t make it through the weekend, so that was a bonus. So far, on target for this week – oh, yeah, it’s only Tuesday.

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