#ROW80 Checkin – What was I Thinking of?

It’s Friday. Early morning Friday. I’ve already lost this full post once – WordPress / Safari /iPAD – not a working combination. So this one will be shorter, at least. Somehow, I lost sight of Wednesday, the normal checkin day for ROW80. So, consider this either a delayed Wednesday checkin post, or a pre-emptor for Sunday. I don’t write on Sundays, anyway.

I have some success this week in my writing goals. I did achieve 2 or more hours of writing on my WIP for Mon, Tues and Wed. Wordcount-wise, it was sporodic. Because I was officially (according to me) back at work this week, Monday saw me re-reading and editing my previous work on WIP as a catchup. Resulting in a reduction in overall wordcount on the draft, lol. This is a good thing – I’m a wordy writer, anyway. Tuesday I added 800 words, Wednesday – 1500. Total effort to date – 42,000 (60 something percent of my 60,000 target). Only half of the novel, however.

I also managed a couple more blog posts, one is overly long even by my standards, but something that helped me get to grips with how I want my future to pan out. And I caught up with my blog/social reading. And forgot to tell anybody that over the Christmas period I raced through the whole trilogy of The Hunger Games, and really enjoyed the reads.

Then yesterday. What was I thinking of?

I had an idea for starting a large blog series, for an upcoming blog challenge – the series would then perhaps be made into a short ebook. But the blog posts themselves, are reliant on links out to reference sites etc. I started writing the series into my normal writing software, which by most accounts, is quite a good one. But, then I found the software didn’t allow insertion of hyperlinks. Making it ridiculously difficult to format an ebook out of it – one that requires links, anyway.

Being the geek that I am (ex-Software Test Manager steps forward), I took the opportunity to download some new software for Windows-based writers – Scrivener. I’d played around with some beta copies, and liked it a few months back.

Three hours later, I’d worked my way through the tutorial (and that’s saying something – normally software testers like me tend to just not read the instructions very well, just go and play). And my blog posts are in there now, and I can do links. Yay, me. Not so good on the image inserts, though.

Along comes another idea about writing some short stories linked into my WIP world. Maybe another ebook collection, useful for promotion? Scrivener could work with that. Yeah. Not all ideas are worth pursuing, however. But lots of people are telling us that indie writers need to take the next step now – do something different from the norm. Short stories, a collection – that’s not my normal thing. The challenge might oomph up my own WIP too, huh? Yeah. Looking a little attractive at this point…

Fortunately, I wasn’t gone-silly enough to immediately export/import out my whole WIP into my shiney new writing software. The restructuring and organisation of various files would have long-delayed progress on the novel. But it’s so tempting…maybe I’ll try it on Sunday. When I’m not actually supposed to be writing. Oh yeah. Cool. Love me some geekiness.I’ll use it as a reward to put in the hours today.

Are you a software junkie? Great distraction tools, aren’t they?

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One thought on “#ROW80 Checkin – What was I Thinking of?

  1. It sounds like you have had a ton of fruitful ideas for blogging and writing this week–your creativity is definitely flowing!

    Love the energy here. 🙂

    Good luck keeping up with your writing goals!!

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