Friday 13th. And the end of the world.

It’s Friday the 13th, January 2012. And as most of us who read, or go on the internet, watch the news, or watch too much television know – December 2012 is predicted by Nostradamus for the end of the world (typically by a big ol’ firey comet-planet amageddon-style). Heck, the whole darned year has been nicknamed as a day – ‘Doomsday’ in fact.

Nostradamus, Doomsday and his predictions for 2012 websites, blogs and DVDs are so numerous out there that it makes the propensity for writers to blog about writing pale in comparison. This is his year, for sure.

But wait – there’s more. Now we’re being told that on December 21st, there will be one of those planetary alignment things – the Sun, the Earth and the hidden giant black-hole in the middle of the Milky Way, all come into a big line and have a huge gravitational fight causing tidal waves and new polar fields and things.

Makes me ponder why bother with getting that darned novel out this year, huh?

Well, I have another few months of leeway, at least. Ten of them, in fact, before I have to be published in order to get the term “author of something substantial” onto my resume. Before the comet comes, that is.

Unless I walk under a ladder, trip over my pet black cat, or break a mirror today, that is. Or, more realistically, my laptop power cord burns out again.

Which brings up an excellent point. When did I backup my precious work in progress lately?

Have you backed up lately?

I’ll tempt fate, and make a plan to backup my WIP every 13th, then. Until December 21st, at least. To lose that work – now that really would be the end of the world for me, at the moment anyway.

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