Blogging in April from A-Z, A Brainstorm.

April is coming faster than ever (happens with age, so I’ve been told).

I’m warming up for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

This is a challenge which runs for 26 days in April (not Sundays) and will have a large cast of bloggers doing the same challenge.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

Aside from providing the challenge to blog every day during April (apart from Sundays), this challenge has a number of interesting elements.

For new bloggers, simply posting up 26 entries might be challenge enough. But adding in the A to Z theme, and it makes it slightly more difficult. Especially with tricky letters like Q and X. And Z.

Of course, April holds the Easter holidays for many of us also. My daughter will be home for a couple of weeks during the challenge.

To make it an even harder challenge for myself , I’ve decided to stick to a general topic or subject matter for my own A-Z series. However, I think doing a community challenge like this also provides a good motivational factor to our writing. I’m truly looking forward to browsing around on other people’s blogs to see their own unique take on the challenge.

The Challenge website is also currently ramping up for April, with posts by people who have previously done the A-Z, and little challenges.

Link: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

My A-Z Ideas

I have a couple of ideas for my own A-Z entries. These might well change, though. I have a changeable mind.

The first is an A-Z of Violent Crimes. Yep, sounds well, violent maybe. But the posts will sit quite well on my website and will deal with anything from Psychology to Serial Killers, to I haven’t a clue for X. (If anyone has a suggestion that doesn’t involve a murderer who somehow used a Xylophone as a weapon, please tell).

Getting ready for the challenge is the easy part – I’m currently brainstorming my ideas on a mindmapping app on my iPad. Writing up each entry on the day will be a little tougher for some. It takes a while to write blog posts, find appropriate images and the like. But here’s a screenshot of what ideas I have so far. It’s a long screen, huh?

My second idea for the A-Z Blogfest is to write a short story each day. I think I’ve mentioned it before. Shorter fiction for me is a stretch, I’m out of my element there. But we’ll see if I progress on this particular personal challenge. If I do start, I’ll be posting the short fiction onto this writing blog. Feedback will be welcomed, because I need to learn how to grow a thick skin anyway.

For fiction, setting the A-Z challenge makes things even a little more difficult, but perhaps it will add a structure around some random thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Blogging in April from A-Z, A Brainstorm.

  1. That sounds really interesting. It´s not for me, my kind of blogging, but it sounds good. Im already into Project 365, posting 1 post a day. That´s hard enough. A-z sounds ever harder. But for a creative writer its probably a good and developing challenge. I promise to follow your progress in this. Thanks for sharing, and Im looking forward to see your posts.

  2. Project 365 is a task and a half alone, Magdalena. I often contemplated that challenge, from a creative side. I’ll come visit your own site, to see how you’re going on that.

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