#ROW80 Checkin – Around About Writing

Not that much to report from the last few days. I’ve added a few more words to my WIP, but concentrated mainly on getting some blog posts up, especially at Hunter Emkay.com.

A series of posts on Psychology and then Forensic Psychology are scheduled to publish over the next few weeks. In setting them up for publication, it takes a lot of time. And rewrites, plus additional research – useful for my WIP. And I like to add images to my posts too. It all takes time. Yep, time.

I’ve settled into a natural blogging routine which sees me able to (read: enthused enough) to write up new blog posts at the end of the week. I don’t know why this is natural, but I’m going with it. By Thursday / Friday, I don’t have the oomph to my WIP fiction work, I’ve found. Which means that I am re-assessing my social media time – if I’m more efficient at writing fiction on Mon-Wed, then stopping off to read other’s blog posts doesn’t make sense until I’m out of that rythmn. This means that I’ll try this week to get around all the ROW80 posts from others, and some AW blog train posts at the end of the week, rather than today like I normally do. I’ll see how it all works out over the next couple of weeks.

I’ve also been reading a lot. A lot of other’s blog posts, and quite a few real life and e-books. Mostly research, again. But some just for pleasure.

And from a follow-on from my last ROW80 post, and eureka moment, I’ve had another one for a part of my WIP which I hadn’t even realised was problematic. This particular resolution came to me after waking up the next morning from all that reading and blog posting. I guess, because I was spending time researching around criminal justice systems and psychology etc, that it ‘stuck’ an idea in there.

Unfortunately, I’ve got stuck on one scene and no resolution is as yet forthcoming. It’s a critical scene introducing the antagonist to the main hero, and sets up the further communications. I’ve been stuck on moving it forward for days now. I’ve pretty much decided to asterix it, and get on with the next few scenes, while awaiting my muse this week.

This week coming is our last week of summer school holidays and my daughter has been booked into some movie making classes to keep her occupied. Thursday is Australia Day, and the whole family is looking forward to just spending that day together. If the weather is okay – we’re finally ramping up the BBQ. I have also started her back into some minor home study sessions which means I have to sit there and offer help or monitor her learning. So I have a mixture of writing time again this week, and next, while my family settles down to the normal week routines of school, activities and some free time for myself.

I hope this posts finds my fellow ROWers also having some success in getting back into their writing routines.


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