Heeeere Little Scape-Scape-Scapegoat!

There’s an advert for Modern Family on the telly at the moment showing Phil turning up at the family driveway with an alpaca. When he gets one of those looks from his wife, he suggests it was the last one. I would so do that – turn up with the last alpaca, or even a little scapegoat.

Rant Rave Write for GroupThink

I would love to blame my absence from Wednesday’s check in on the SOPA protest. But that would be a lie.

I would like to say that the reason I didn’t achieve all of my goals this week was because of the aliens, or the escaped goat, or even a house cleaning bender of psychotic proportions. But that would also be a lie.

Of the three, I think the aliens would be the most viable. The house looks like it was tossed into a Vita-mix, and the goat episode was just funny.

This week, it’s all me, out of whack. Part of it was the post-travel hangover. Part of it was Quinn’s birthday. We also suffered through the tragic loss of the Cutelil’humpty nighttime lovie for a while. But these things are all minor. Small, feeble attempts to avoid responsibility.

Goal #1 – I accomplished 2.4 out of three. I…

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