Character Roleplay in Emails

This idea came via reading a fellow ROW80’er post on a livejournal account – there, I’m linking to it. The writer, Tanya Reed states that

‘A friend and I roleplay characters by writing letters to each other.’

How great is that?

One of the best tools I found for getting into my MC’s voice was the Absolute Write Water Cooler’s blog train of this month – a character interview. But going on from this, the above idea adds some oomph to keeping hold of that voice.

I added a comment to Tanya’s post –

Wow, that’s a great idea. Now I need to find somebody in my own genre – all my writing friends write in YA or fantasy, and don’t want a character letter from a psychopath or forensic psychologist – the characters in my own WIP. Hmmm, or do they?

And anyone writing about a vampire baron, or adventuring teen might appreciate getting a letter from my forensic psychologist, right? Right?

Anyway, if anybody is up for a character correspondence, please contact me.


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