3 thoughts on “I liked the alpaca so much…

  1. Okay, not sure I am a huge alpaca fan, but I AM a fan of all things related to thrillers. I, too, enjoy reading and writing in this genre.

    Found you through Lynda’s BBQ event. Nice to meet you and look forward to following your writing adventures!

  2. Your alpaca is cute, but they don’t have hooves. I am an alpaca farmer who obviously spends too much time searching the web!

    1. Oh nuts! Back to the drawing board then. I’ll refresh the drawing, based on one from istock photo labelled incorrectly ‘alpaca’. According to google, alpacas have two toes with hooks at the end. So that’s what I will (eventually) customise Arnie with. Two toes. I’m not making that camel joke.

      Thanks for telling me, Mary.

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