Elizabeth S. Craig guests posts at Nicole Basaraba’s blog – which is currently doing a series on genre.

Nicole Basaraba's Uni-Verse-City

Welcome to Writers’ Uni-Verse-City (or WUVC for short because every university has an acronym), a place where writers/bloggers can meet to discuss the craft of writing in the Internet age. WUVC will involve independent research, setting a curriculum and hopefully finding other participants (like you – readers/bloggers/writers) to: chip in, give tips, suggest books and other materials for study, teach me the ways of the warrior writer, and offer to guest post here at Uni-Verse-City (contact: annotationseditorial@gmail.com).

I am pleased to welcome guest, Elizabeth S. Craig here to kick off the Literary Genre Blog Series running through February, March and into April, and give us a clue as to how to write a traditional murder mystery. Please enlighten us Elizabeth. 

I think mysteries are fun to write. Not only that, but they’re fairly easy to write. Although the structure of these stories sometimes scares off new writers, it’s actually the structure…

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