Listening to some Thriller Writers II (Platform Building)

Last week I profiled three writers who have signed up for the Writers’ Platform Building Campaign. This time around I’m looking at a few more from the list of thriller or suspense writers.

Margo Kelly – Margo writes mostly young adult thrillers and on her blog she shares lots of writing posts, plus sportsmargo_kelly the badges for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group and Blogging from A to Z April Challenge which I’m also involved in.

Michael Haynes – Michael runs an active writing blog with polls, interviews and like me, he also runs a weekly listingmichael haynes of links of interest to writers – his run on Sundays.

Louise Wise – Louise runs a book blogging site (and has authored a romance) and her blog holds interviews, reviews and news. There’s a huge lot of reading and links on this blog, so I followed and dug in. *Grins*

Melissa Sugar – Melissa is a lawyer, and has written her first legal thriller. She also participates in several blogfests and campaigns I am also involved in. Her blog is colourful and fun, and well on my own reading list.

Harlow Coban – The author of debut novel, “Life in Death”, Harlow’s website shows you what a newHarlow Coban author platform should look like, with the book right on the front page, and further reading via the blog and social media links and feeds available too.


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