#ROW80 Checkin – Little Bits, Big Bits

I had a bit of a disasterous start to the last week of writing, due mostly to becoming sick. Sick enough to stay in or around bed for a couple of days. Although there were parts of it where I did feel up to hitting the keyboard, I also was aware that the state of my writing was limited by the fuzziness in my brain.

Since coming up for air, I’ve been busy writing but perhaps not in the way I would prefer. But writing is writing.

Added 4000 words to the WIP.

Added 20,000 words in blog posts. Yes, 20,000. I’ve got another series ready to post over the next couple of weeks, and have just begun some pre-writing on the A-Z blogging challenge posts for April. And then there’s the regular posts such as my link love series, this ROW80 checkin, and my commitment to the 4th Writers Platform Building Campaign.

This opinion should, perhaps go onto my next Insecure Writer’s Group Post (due the first Wednesday of each month) but I have begun to be jaded by my own writing routines. Not the actual WIP, but as usual I’ve over-extended myself into social networking, blogfests etc, and certainly over-commited myself into writing blog posts rather than fiction.

But – those are areas I enjoy, it’s finding the enthusiasm for my fiction afterwards that is the killer at the moment.

After April, you may well find me being a lot quieter on the wildweb, and concentrating on completing up my current fiction projects. I still haven’t quite mastered the balance between platform, networking and actually doing the job.



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