Busy, Not Reading While Writing and Fighting off Pesky Ideas

There’s no Link Love post for this week. I’ve been busy writing up blog posts, and not paid attention to keeping up with my reading.

Also, I’ve noticed that when I’m busy writing a lot (even if non-fiction), I can’t get my head around much reading. I have a huge pile of fiction ebooks to get through, but never get around to opening up the kindle app, and just sitting there to read – not without another idea popping into my head which I have to go attend to.

There’s even some actual p-books lying around calling for my attention. And not getting it. Besides, after hours of operating a keyboard or even tapping on an ipad, who wants to manouvre those tired finger-bones around to holding a paperback? It actually can be a little painful to rest a paperback book on your hands for a while. Just me?

Or is there something about the physicality of writing that prevents other activities? No, perhaps it’s a combination of the mental and physical strain that does it.

Most people who don’t lead a writer’s life may not understand that side to it – the mental strain of dealing with ideas, generating words, visualising scenes, fighting off inner talk…oh, did I mention the jumble of ideas? (yeah, duplicated).

With fiction writing – it’s a little different. New ideas have a limited place when churning out that first draft of something. I’ll simply jot them down somewhere, and get on with what I’d planned. But because I’m heavily into non-fiction at the moment, new ideas are needed. I’m prepping for a large series. I still need ideas. So, they get listened to. And fast – because they tend to have hissy-fits if I don’t notice them quick enough.

Busy, not reading, and fighting off pesky ideas.

One thought on “Busy, Not Reading While Writing and Fighting off Pesky Ideas

  1. Pretty much all I do when I’m not writing is read – I only write non-fiction, because my fiction is so bad it makes me cringe, it always ends up as metered verse rather than prose somehow. So the fiction helps me relax, on those really hard days when I go to 10-15K words – then I watch TV instead because by then I can’t stand to see another word.

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