#ROW80 Getting Away from the Dark Side

Nothing to check in with this week again, regarding my WIP – which is technically on-hold until I have some blog posts prepped to a certain extent. I’m still aiming for a 10K Day at the end of next week, however, and am pushing myself to get the blog posts done by then, or earlier if possible.

Behind the scenes I’ve been working on lots of blog posts, not realising just how indepth I have a tendency to get into. Doh. It’s all helpful for my understanding of the backstory and knowledge that my main character in my WIP must possess. But some of it is pretty gory stuff, because I’m researching into serial killers, victimology, forensic psychology, criminology, and blimey – some of it highlights the darker side of the world, of course.

It’s getting to me a little. After so many pictures of dead bodies – real people, not fiction, I’m really feeling a little disjointed from the real world myself. So I’m going to spend some time going the rounds on several blog communities, and just enjoy reading of other people’s lives for a few hours.

It’s half way through the first round of ROW80 this week, and coincidentally, the ROW80 blog features a post by Tia Bach, called ‘Inspired’. In it she talks about finding ROW80 and the elements she takes away from belonging to such a blogging writing community. Which is exactly what I said above. I’m going there now, and going to read some inspiring posts from others.

And I also have a lot of commenting to do for the 4th Writer’s Platform Building Campaign – I’ve found some good people to blog-read from out of that. So, see you all on the blogs.



2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Getting Away from the Dark Side

  1. Ah, yes, the dangers of research! Sympathize completely — I too have gotten caught up in research that depressed me and gave me nightmares (can you say “modern day slave trade”?)

    Good luck in finding your distance and have a great week!

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