10K Done

10114 words, to be factual. Or maybe 10450 or something. My Scrivener (the windows version) software gives two different statistics for the project and session times. When I saw that, and the lesser figure was telling me I was a couple of hundred under my target, I went back to the writing, and wrote another scene. 10 scenes now, for 10K.

Some lessons learnt –

My hands ache a little, my shoulders need to be stretched out. I started at 7:10pm and finished by 4:30pm, so around 9 hours, but I took little mini-breaks and a bigger lunch break. I only needed two cups of coffee – and a fully loaded coke. The rest was water, lots of water. And very small snacks because I don’t eat a lot during the day anyway.

Even though it’s raining here – and badly so in some parts of New South Wales, it’s still very humid. Writing marathons in summer (okay, it’s officially Autumn today) in Australia is not an intelligent thing to do.This room needs air conditioning, or at least a little fan.

I didn’t miss the internet being on, but it did miss me. I had to wait twenty minutes before my internet network became available again, and had to disconnect and reconnect to get it. That’s Australia for you.

I took a few minutes before the writing start to reacquaint myself with the characters I was about to write for, and took a break between scenes. I also allowed myself to be interupted twice by a service man at the door.I also found myself wondering the balcony outside my study a few times, even if hot, simply to rest my hands and eyes a little.

I left the spell-check on my writing software, which became a little distracting, but not as distracting as I would find staring at a word I just know is spelt wrongly. I didn’t go back and re-read each scene, and suspect the POVs slip in several places because of it. But it was satisfying to see all that work done. I will be doing another 10K Day soon.

Now, I’m going to have a bit of a rest.

4 thoughts on “10K Done

  1. I hope you celebrated this milestone Hunter. I had to smile about your internet going in and out — it happens in northern Indiana too and it makes me crazy.

    Keep the words coming!

  2. Writing marathons work wonders! I’ve only had minimal experience, but I’m getting better at planning and sticking to them.

    Congratulations on your 10k! 🙂


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