Process for a writer

Matt took me back to my own career in software development. This is a quick process for all writers too – holding a quick scrum meeting with yourself. NICE!

The Author Chronicles

One thing that was very important to me when I first started writing (or to be more specific, when I got serious about it) was process.

I’m a software developer by trade, and process is extremely important.  Each software development team from company to company will vary widely in its implementation of process.  Whatever works best for each team (and each developer on it) is a factor that plays an important role in both the success as well as the experience of each developer.  While it’s true that a developer may not have the ability to try to change the process for the team, just because it doesn’t seem a good fit for them, developers CAN do that if they are working alone.

As a writer who wanted the best chance for success, I needed a process that worked best for me.  I looked up interviews with writers, at times…

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