#ROW80 Check-Check Please

A couple of weeks to go for this round of Row80, and again, I’m struggling. I’m busy on my other blog, so writing is going okay. It’s just that time of the year – the moving from a bad summer (for Australia) into some nice Autumn days.

ie. Peak Hayfever Season.

And gosh am I sick. There are nights where I keep the entire family up with my coughing and sneezing, others where I just crash out of exhaustion. Such is the world.

I type through my coughs
Words make little of the sneezes
Peppering the page


3 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-Check Please

  1. Ergh, hasn’t this summer been miserable?!

    I am lucky enough to not suffer hayfever much myself, but both my boyfriend and housemate get it badly. I hope it doesn’t plague you for too much longer!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Emily. My allergy problems come from moving from the northern to southern hemisphere, so hopefully I will build up some immunity over a few years. On the good side, the Autumn days here are just lovely, and still hot enough to go swimming in.

  2. I hear you, Hunter! I was sick last week and have been suffering migraines due to our crazy, unseasonably warm weather. It’s hard to keep momentum through all that, but I’m glad you’re pushing through where you can. Try and get some rest and feel better!

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