Versatile Blogger Award

I got this from Feed Me a Stray Cat – a fellow A-Z Blogging Challengee, who does movie reviews on that blog. Thank you, for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I am meant to send it around to another 15 blogs, but admit that I don’t have the time or gumption to do that. So, if I follow you, comment on your blog, or my name triggers any kind of minor-relationship memory, then consider yourself nominated. I figure that as I follow some pretty decent writing bloggers, you are all worthy of the award, if you want it.

Those accepting the award are meant to post 7 random facts about ourselves. Briefly, mine are –

  1. I have two tattoos of bumblebees on my body, one of which only a few people in this world will have laid eyes upon.
  2. I have always had trouble choosing favourites until recently, when I decided to just decide. My choices are pretty random, however, and inconsistent from one day to the next.
  3. If I were nine inches taller I would be an incredibly stunning amazon woman. As it is, I’m just too round.
  4. My jaw clicks when I open it. It’s been doing so since I was eleven, but only now has any dentist noticed it, and pointed out I’m in for some problems soon.
  5. I love haikus. This is somewhat contradictory of me, given that for everything else I’m much more wordy. Such is life.
  6. I’m antisocial, a chronic introvert, and shy with it. Despite that, I kicked ass in the corporate world as a manager. We can all get over our innate selves sometimes.
  7. I have to travel to a beach quite often, to re-energise, and reconfirm my reality. I’ve always lived close to the ocean. Despite that, I’m a lousy swimmer. It’s more about the sand between my toes and the sea air for me.

There you have it. Now, pick up your award as my kind of versatile blogger, and go forth and prosper.

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