#ROW80 Final Checkin

It’s the end of the eighty days for Round 1 of the ROW80 writing challenge. Round 2 starts up again in eleven day’s time (ten if you go by my Aussie timing). I don’t have the time to do a retrospective on the last eighty days of writing to some goals, so I’ll make this quick.

I basically met my ROW80 goals each week / month, but regarding success through writing my WIP, no so much. Blogging and commenting on other’s blogs have taken over, but I’ve also let twitter and my other forums / social networks slip lately too. Being new to this, I believe I’m still finding my feet as to what works and what doesn’t for me – and that is a changeable thing as I move along in writing projects also.

I did finish those big blog posts ready for the A to Z Blogging Challenge next month, leaving me some space for working out what I am going to try to do on this, my writing blog, for the A-Z Challenge also. I had thought I’d get back into my WIP the end of this week, but think it might take a little longer to plan out what I’m going to try to do in April. If I get the level of planning right, it should allow more freer time each day to work on the WIP also.

My WIP is basically half way through, but I’ve got to the hard part. Even things like this post impact on my motivation for writing. This is writing, other blogging is writing. It all takes it out of me when I should be writing fiction. I worked that out by the second challenge in the Platform Building Campaign, which sounded like a good flash fiction challenge again, but I just couldn’t find the time to do it.

Regarding the ROW80 Round 2 – I’m not sure if I’ll participate for the next eighty days or not. I joined the challenge last November, half way through last year’s final round. This year there were lots of fresh faces in the support group, and it was nice to read their blogs also. However, taking a break and concentrating on my writing work might also help me out here also for the next couple of months. I’ve not made my mind up as yet.

Congratulate or commiserate with other ROW80 writers here.

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