I Won Some Lucky Charms and Had to Look it Up

I apparently won fifth place in Mark Koopman’s Got Green Blog Hop for St Patrick’s Day. I hadn’t even realised there were prizes going on, to be sure.

And here he posts the winners and it’s got my name on it. Congrats to the winners!

Being in Honolulu, and me in Oz, I seriously doubt I should believe Mark is going to post me my prize – and the Aussie border patrols being like they are, it would probably end up on the custom’s floor, being stood on and sniffed at by a beagle. Aussie’s ‘Border Control‘ are prime-time viewing on the telly over here at the moment, so there might be hope I could find my 15 mins of fame via this prize (cue the need for a new hairdo), but I’m not willing to use that up so wontonly. No, that fame is for my debut release of my book, surely.

Therefore I offer up my prize in virtuality only. I had to look it up, not knowing what on earth Lucky Charms were in the first place. Seems it’s typically American- 1. coat cereal in various e-colours and 2. add lots of sugar too and 3. to make it healthy, add lots of pseudo-vitamins that normally wouldn’t be there. That’ll help that cardboard/wheat stuff go down.

Well, the marshmallows would. Yay, marshmallows!

Sadly for me, I prefer a good quality muesli, weetbix, or porridge myself. The worst this family ever does is the once-yearly box of Cocopops. But these Lucky Charms do look kinda cool, don’t you think?

I’ve been eyeing up Hawaii again, myself. I got married and honeymooned there, and want to take my daughter back over the next year now that we are a little closer to it. So, beware Mark Koopman – in the next couple of years you might find me standing on your doorstep with an empty cereal bowl in hand, like some middle-aged fanatical Lucky Charm stalker. I suggest always having some handy, just in case.


2 thoughts on “I Won Some Lucky Charms and Had to Look it Up

  1. We don’t have them here in England but from what I gather, the correct way to eat them is to pick out and enjoy the marshmallows, then tip the rest onto the floor ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aloha Hunter,

    Thank goodness you weren’t waiting on me to send the LC’s over for your next meal ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That was a really fun post and I’m so sorry it’s taken three months to find it…(I do monthly Google searches on my name…:)

    Anyway, yes should you make it to Hawaii in the next two years, I will gladly fill the cereal bowl for you and the family ๐Ÿ™‚

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