Introducing the A-Z Challenge

On Sunday April 1st thousands of bloggers will be commencing the Blogging from A to Z Challenge for the month. I will also be joining in this challenge on this writing blog, and also on my author’s platform.

At Hunter you will find entries each day on the subject of Serious Crime. There is a mix of some psychological entries, and lots about serial killer typologies. As I’m currently writing a psychological thriller, the entries were helpful in my in-depth research for my novel. However, for although I tend to keep away from graphic descriptions of crimes etc, some of the content is possibly not to everyone’s liking. (A sneek peak is above)

The entries at Hunter Emkay have been pre-prepared, although I will have to spend time indexing and posting them as the month follows on.

Short Stories Here.

Here, at my writing blog, I intend accepting the challenge in a much less planned form. I have intentions to simply write up some short stories – one per day. The stories will have some links between them, and over the month, will form – if I manage to do it correctly, a full novella storyline. The stories will be set in the prequel world of my main character in my WIP.

These are unplanned entries, in fact I don’t even have proper ideas for some of the letters of the alphabet. I intend writing around 2000+ words for each day, but in this particular challenge, I may or may not be successful in completing the full month. For me, the importance lies in challenging myself to write some shorter fiction only. If anybody actually enjoys the stories, then even better.

The challenge has thousands of other bloggers involved, and as many subjects for you to read over April. To find other blogs to read, go to the A – Z Challenge blog itself, and find the linkylist. Look out for the buttons on blogs also.The challenge is designed to give bloggers a platform – and incentive to post once a day for the month. It’s also designed to find each blogger a bigger readership. If you like any of the posts you might find through the challenge – not just here – please follow and comment on that post.

In a follow-up post I’ll introduce you quickly to the index and story world I am about to travel into.

This post participated in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. Find many other worthwhile bloggers to read, comment with, and follow through the A to Z Challenge blog.

3 thoughts on “Introducing the A-Z Challenge

  1. If you’re posting short stories here, I’ll probably come by every few days and read a few at once. That way I won’t accidentally miss any – and I’ve just added your other site to my reader. I’m just getting into writing crime fiction, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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