B is for Blue Heron

A quickie.

A new to me reader just liked one of my posts on here. FierceBuddist (like another I admire, FiveReflections) does haikus. Yay, haikus. You know I love haikus, right? Yes, there is a softer side to me.

So, FierceBuddist has a little Blue Heron haiku going at the moment. And you get to vote on the best version. I actually like Version 2 better than Version 5 at this point, but then – I can sometimes have less than immaculate taste.

Go and have a read, and vote on your own favourite. Make that blue heron sing.

P.S. Both FierceBuddist and FiveReflections are on wordpress, by the way. If you’re on wordpress.com, you can easily follow them – click the follow button up on the top menu button. You’ll get regular haikus to brighten your day then.

P.P.S. – My favourite New Zealand bird is the great white heron, the Kotuku. It’s a migratory heron that you can also find across the Pacific Ocean. In my childhood I lived on the coast, and often had Kotuku’s in our garden, and goldfish ponds.

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