G is for Gimmicked Out and Game On

I didn’t have a G for a long time. Then when I did find a G, turned out somebody had already posted up the same subject under the flagship of the Blogging from A to Z challenge, and they did it in a much superior way than I could. As I read their post on Good Friday morning, I began to wonder what on earth I was doing to myself.

On my other blog I have 50+ posts going along like hotcakes for the same challenge. Those posts were written up prior to the month, in a mammoth effort to give myself time this month to refocus on my fictional work. Then I decided I could combine, and actually share my new fiction here on this blog for the challenge.

I’ve now changed my mind on publishing the fiction in this format. But to fill the space, I was pushing myself to go through the alphabet just for the sake of the blog. Never mind that it’s Easter, and one of the few fine weekends we’ve had for ages. Never mind my important task to get back into the fiction writing stream – which I had done successfully until early this week.

I want back into the game. Back into that fiction. I want to complete the story. Then pick up the pieces of my novel WIP. And I want a life.

So, for perhaps my first time ever, I’m withdrawing – this blog only – from a blogging challenge. I’m all gimmicked out regarding A-Z posts on this blog. But game on. I’m going back into my writing. See you on the other side.

G is for “It Feels GOOD”. Goodness Gracious Good.

Read the rest of the alphabet on all those other bloggers doing the Blogging from A to Z challenge. (Including my other blog). I am.

3 thoughts on “G is for Gimmicked Out and Game On

  1. You have so many great entries on the other blog. I think you’re doing exactly the right thing. This challenge is supposed to be fun 🙂

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