#ROW80 Checkin

A quick checkin, as it’s Easter Monday morning, but I’m sitting here downloading some digital elements I purchased yesterday, at a whopping 23kb/sec, and there’s nothing much else to do but sit. Sit, sit, sit.

Obviously my ROW80 goal for writing 26 short stories this month (published here on the blog) has altered over the last week. I still will be writing them, but behind the scenes for a while. My May goal to attend some writing festival events is still ticking along, although there is a little family debate on over which events to attend – I’ll have to make my mind up this week before the events are all ticketed out. Sydney’s Writer’s Festival is set during a normal school week, making a lot of the events on during the week difficult to get to for people who have kids at school, and don’t live particularly close to the CBD or event areas.

Regarding writing, I’ve also been reading a lot of blogs (and a couple of books). One of the biggest themes out there at the moment, is of course, The Hunger Games. I read – and enjoyed – the books over Christmas, but will hold off on the movies, leaving that to the teens et el. What has amazed me is that with the movie coming out, there is so much blogosphere attention from writers. One writer / blogger went to the point of saying that ‘The Hunger Games’ was the future of writing – when even adults have such a short attention span nowadays that writing the short sharp style of something like the YA market provides popular reading material. That’s where it’s at. Longer (literature) writing styles weren’t dismissed, but the blogger made an interesting point that adults are also rolling to the Young Adult genre with the Harry Potters, Twilights and now The Hunger Games.

It almost makes me want to move back to my own YA narrative I started work on some time ago, but the story isn’t fresh enough (although I did avoid vampires and werewolves, thank goodness). Young Adult is fun.

More A Round of Words in 80 Days people can be found here.

One thought on “#ROW80 Checkin

  1. Young Adult is fun, but I’m glad you made a point of saying that the blogger didn’t dismiss longer writing styles. I’m not sure YA is my thing 🙂

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