L is for Left vs Right Brained

I’ve always been fascinated by the left vs right brained syndrome. When I was in my early 20’s one forward-thinking employer put me through a full psycho-assessment and my own results came back, telling me that I was a split brain-personality, registering exactly equal and strong on both the logical and creative side. According to the infographic below, this might explain why my household has not only a large dog but several cats competing for attention also.

Since then I have swung backwards and forwards on the pendulum, due to my jobs and hobbies at the time. Being a career analyst and manager, I naturally needed to dominate on the logical side for many years. Later on I worked on the other side within a competitive creative field. Now, with writing (and blogging), I would suggest that both sides of the brain need to step up again.

Did you know that building one side of the brain helps to strengthen the other side to an equal degree? Scientific experiments have proven this, particularly around students – those that needed to learn concepts that sat on the more mathematic logical side had more exam success if they also took time out to use and build their creative sides – they did this by doing a creative hobby, using their hands or even something like doodling. So, teachers, don’t stop those students from doodling in class.

Going back to Tony Bunzan’s ‘mindmapping’ we can see how such concepts dynamically could help with studying. Betty Edward’s Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain won’t just help you find that creative side you may think is lacking, but will build your logistics also.

I’ve talked about similar effects on my own writing lately, where a spiel back into my creative hobbies has also refreshed my inspiration and motivation to continue on with my fiction writing. That’s why I’m building a large collection of images and infographics on my own Pinterest boards also – the more colourful the better. Which is where this one came from:

Are You Left or Right Brain?
Via: Online College Advice

6 thoughts on “L is for Left vs Right Brained

    1. I’m inclined to make a joke and suggest that that makes you a multi-tasking woman, Susan. But some men might have a viewpoint on that one.

    1. Actually I thought there was a relationship between handedness and brains, but perhaps a tenuous one. I was born left-handed, but back in those days teachers changed you over, so I’m now dominantly right-handed, but still use my left for some tasks. I can see the same thing happening with my daughter, in that she is quite ambidextrous, with some teachers spending some energy to get her to dominate on one hand, but then she goes and uses the other for other tasks like eating.

  1. Hey, split brained, that sounds good. That means you’re probably well-balanced. I’m heavily right-brained though I used to be really good at math. I’m over from A to Z! Cheers.

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