Z is for Ze End (of a challenge).

It is the end of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge today and I don’t have the energy to come up with a scintillating (zintillating?) ending for the letter ‘Z’. My laptop finally did a bunk on its power problems last week, and was taken away to what I thought was a certain death.

That must be the worst scenario for a writer, by the way, to lose access to their keyboard. Typing out blog posts on an infra-red rubber keypad attached to an iPad just doesn’t cut it long-term, take it from me. I tried, and only managed a couple. (It’s quite good for reading, though).

So, this is my final post for the A-Z Challenge, and also a checkin for the #ROW80 group.

After being drip-fed status updates from the techie all weekend (he seriously looked like a geek – long stringy beard, sandals, Harry-Potter glasses and a little body odour too, no kidding) – the laptop made an appearance back in the house very late Sunday afternoon.

Seems my power problems for years should have been looked at a long time ago. My battery pack had been overheating since around the time we bought the laptop, resulting in the connection sockets sparking out (yeah, I’d turned a blind eye to the occasional orange light I witnessed, just thinking it was a pretty colour and all) and the whole thing melting around the power cord. Now it’s got new parts, and this morning is the first time I’ve opened up my computer without being afraid to breath and accidentally jiggle the power out of it.

That’s the good news. The bad news is the cost, and the fact the cold snap in Sydney also killed the battery in our one and only car, twice. Both days, it chose to do so on a school morning, issuing a challenge to get my daughter to school and back. This morning’s dramatics were taken on much better than I had last Friday, the same day my laptop bit the bullet for me. It all became too much, combined with my illness on that day and you might have seen me running around with tears in my eyes looking like I’d lost any semblence to being an adult for a while.

Today, I feel better about it all. Now that I have a working laptop, and a new car battery installed, everything seems a bit more doable.

Cars and laptops. It’s all about contact and communication, when it all comes down to it. The car is crucial to get me (or my daughter) somewhere I (she) need(s) to be. The laptop, too, is all about communication and contact also. What else is writing but that? Communication and contact.

Blogging too. So many of us find ourselves and others by blogging. For that, I would like to thank the organisers and participants in both the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, and the ROW80 challenge (still ongoing) for creating such events and communities.

Now, for me, it’s back to my writing and normal blogging agenda.

  • Read the rest of the Z posts as they pop up from all the other bloggers doing the Blogging from A to Z challenge.  My other blog has been doing a series on criminology over here – other blog – for the A to Z Challenge.
  • Read more ROW80 challengers from this list here.


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