#ROW80 Writing Gaols (sic)

I’m back writing, now that the A-Z Blogging challenge is completed, and my laptop is back and repaired. So, it’s time to re-assess the monthly writing goals.

May Goals

  1. Complete or near completion on the short story collection A-Z. I estimate approximately 70,000 words (26 stories of differing word ranges). I’ve just completed my E story of 1000 words, so put up a pictograph wordcount button on the sidebar over there –> [Note; the novel WIP is currently on hiatus while I get the A-Z finished off. Both are set in the same world, with shared characters].
  2. Attend the Sydney Writer’s Festival – lack of finances prohibit my attendance on several workshop courses I would have liked to attend this year, but my family is booked to attend one particular event that will have both me and my writerly daughter impassioned to write. We’ll be going to the Sydney Opera House for that one, too. That’s a big deal for us, also.
  3. Reading – complete 2-3 more books, some non-fiction, one fiction. Reading in the crime genre.
  4. Further goals shared with daughter – my daughter’s school reading challenge, blogging, and a little scriptwriting, camera work and post-production on our first claymation debut. Yeah, I’m not sure who’s more excited about that  – my daughter or me. Making movies. Yay.


Novella A-Z Shorts WIP
As noted above, I’m back writing, and completed a 1000 word short story this morning. That takes my A-Z themed collection of interlinked short stories up to the 10,000 word mark. Further status updates can be found in the pictometer on the sidebar.

Regarding the A-Z Blogging Challenge which overtook all of April, I found a lot of success on my platform blog at Hunter Emkay Com where I posted a series on Criminology. I am bemused by how many people like me have an interest in sometimes gory subjects, but found a lot of good blogging and reading material from those who visited my own blog. One blogger, Thelma, even voted my series one of her top 26 favourites of the challenge. Thank you, Thelma. It was a list that included both inspirational blogs and a couple with a theme of death, so quite an eclectic mix in all.

My success in the challenge on this, my writing blog, is more debatable. The decision to publish a series of short stories didn’t go down as well as I’d initially hoped, but has led me to a decision to continue with the series towards publication, so that’s all good. It’s funny how life nudges you like that. Due to some problems domestically, I struggled to maintain any momentum for writing blog posts in the later weeks of the month – for this blog only. My A-Z postings were intermittent, and reasonably random in subject matter. Despite that, I consider the whole A-Z Blogging Challenge a huge success for me personally, as through it I found both a few more readers, and some worthwhile blogs which have gone onto my own follow / RSS feed lists.There were also many writers on the A-Z Challenge, and it was interesting for all to see the themes and how each blogger attempted to maintain their blogging through the month.

Last year I participated in another monthly blogging challenge for May, run by Michelle Rafter. The Wordcount Blogathon 2012 commences again from today, and looks like it will be as much fun as last year. However, this year after the A-Z Challenge, I’ve learnt something about the impact on my fictional writing that taking on such a commitment in blogging can have. So this month, I’m concentrating on writing fiction rather than more blogging.

And that’s another point of success in itself. Sometimes goals start to look like gaols. When that happens, it’s time to reassess, something that the ROW80 challenge suggests we do often. This month my own reassessed goals look both a challenge and doable. Let’s watch and see. Happy writing, everybody.

For more writer’s goals for the month, seek out the ROW80 group.

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