IWSG Belated

Gosh darn it, I missed Wednesday completely, how did that happen? Oh yeah – I was writing. This meant my insecure writer’s support group post was almost forgotten about, until now.

When you’ve gone through a period of not-writing-very-much-at-all, it pays to glow (gloat?) a bit whilst actually doing it. And to keep doing it, come heck or high water or basic blogging demands.

May has finally spurred me back into writing, and I’m loving my days more for it. April witnessed me battling lousy weather, even lousier leech attacks, school holidays, Easter, and a high impact blogging commitment. The upshot was a loss of writing, and in some ways, a loss of impetus to write. Ultimately, I left the month feeling a little down on myself.

This week the sun came back, literally in the sense of some sunshine, and figuratively in pushing through some writing. I have a new routine this week: A couple of early morning hours spent writing and then a cup of coffee and an hour spent out sitting in the garden, reading. Maybe some more writing, more rewards – I’m into finding objects games on the iPad at the moment, or watching old episodes of British soaps on YouTube. Some days, I even allow myself a small nap. All the rewards help me think through my writing storylines as I sit in them.

While my daughter sits with me after school, doing her homework, I continue on with my writing. This is some of the best of it. I’ve long known that my most productive writing time is in the late afternoon – one of the worst times possible for any mother of a schoolchild. But it seems to be working out for me. I’m spending less time writing compared to previous sessions, and breaking up my day with a lot more ‘other stuff’ but feeling less pressure to produce has seen me feeling much happier about things.

Writing patterns change, I’ve always known that. The nights are drawing in for us, meaning the study offers a cosy place shared with my daughter. Being happy in my environment and routine has had many benefits. I’m no longer feeling that writing is a battle to be won. I hope that all new writers out there can find their own little peace with what they are and do, as I have for this last week.

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