Friday Link Love for Writers

A recommencement of my weekly series of sharing some links from the writing world. Below are some blogs and links I loved this last week, from the end of April, maybe before.

Tech for Writers

Ha ha

  • Confessions of a Drop-Shadow AddictJoel Friedlander spoke to my heart and funny bone with this admission, shared with myself. Mind you, I still have excuses to use drop-shadows, when doing my other creative hobbies within the digital arts fields, so I’m okay with my fixes, thanks very much.
  • Stephen King uses big swear words and actually asks to be taxed.

Writing Craft


Publishing and the Industry

  • Via Writer’s Digest I learned of a free subscription offer for e-mag, shelf Unbound. This magazine provides reviews and news from the indie industry, poetry, short stories and more. The latest edition has just come out, and is well worth a read. Links are freely shareable, so here the latest edition is. Spread the word.
  • The End of the World as we Know It – there have been countless posts harkening the end of the trad publishing industry – but it’s never rosy for the ebook industry for long, either. Here are just a few that I did manage to browse –
  1. A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Harlequin Fail – guest post by Ann Voss Peterson talks about her leaving Harlequin.
  2. Ciao Publishers. Ciao Agents. Ciao slavery. | The Passive Voice – 70 year old author Suzanne White’s letter rant to the Author’s Guild caused much discussion, particularly towards the hyperbole choice of the slavery metaphor.
  3. Tween You and Me: Is There a New Type of eBook Piracy?Sam Cheever raises a question over Amazon’s 7 Day Ebook Returns policy, and a potential pattern of growing abuse from this.
  4. Kristen Lamb talks about Microsoft saving Barnes and Noble’s e-reader in Big Six Publishing is Dead–Welcome the Massive Three and gives some future tips for surviving the possible consequences in Low-Hanging Fruit is All Gone–The Future is About Teamwork, Humility & Innovation.
  5. RT @fuelyourwriting: The YA Genre Is Killing Itself – sounds a bit drastic, but the film industry’s clamouring for the next Twilight/Hunger is more than games.
  6. RT @writerswrite: Jackie Collins explains her decision to self-publish, gives advice to writers Despite having good relations with her publishers, Jackie Collins still wanted to try out “new technology”
  7. Are publishers waking up from their dream about apps? An interesting perspective on publishing to app platforms versus websites and HTML coding. Read with this one – ‘I hated every moment of our experiment with apps,’ publisher says
  8. What Will Become of the Paper Book? Michael Agresta asks at Slate.

In Tribute

  • Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things are, died aged 83. He used to send letters out in illustrated envelopes. Way Kewl.
  • RT @ReadingsBooks: A bookseller’s tribute to Maurice Sendak, by @lilymandarin.

Source: via Hunter on Pinterest


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