When you start calling yourself by your pen name

I’m doing that.

When choosing a pen name for writing thrillers, I stuck close to home – using names which will mean something to me, and people from my past.

Building slowly up the name via social networks, I find myself now with more of a web social life under the pen name, rather than my other name.

Some of that is because my current emphasis is on writing and all the other things that sit around that – writers will know what I mean by that. It takes time and energy, spent in that persona.

For those using pen names, shortened names, or variations of their names, I ask – do you also start thinking of yourself as that multiple identity? Finding yourself calling yourself by that name while picking up your child from school, washing the dishes, or stopping yourself from using it on forms?

2 thoughts on “When you start calling yourself by your pen name

  1. If, or should I say, when lol, I get my novel published, I want to use a pen name, but, I haven’t started using it yet….I’m sure it must be really confusing and wish I could use my own name, but there’s another author (well, 2 in fact) that already have my name. Gutted lol


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