#ROW80 Checkin – Doing Good

This past week I hit a minor hiccup in my writing – almost exactly in the middle of it, as many writers (so I understand) are prone to do. I came up to L in my A-Z Short Fiction series, and wasn’t enthused by any word that begins with L. L for Legal, L for Lawyer, L for Leper, Lion, Lecture…no, my muse (ie. me) wasn’t having a L for Lump of it.

That was Wednesday wasted then. Thursday I took hold of the beasty hiccup and started out with a timeline, realising that I needed to pull in some more ideas and also look at the general flow – and missing gaps – between the stories. Timelines, missing gaps, it all led to a re-emphasis of my story goals. Eureka. More inspiration – this is seriously one of the easier writing tasks I’ve worked on for some time.

Now my L story is complete – L for Landlady, by the way – and somewhat morbidly for mother’s day celebrations – I have also worked on M for Mortuary.

Happy mother’s day to all those celebrating it. Mine included breakfast in bed, and a picnic at the beach.

Goals wise – I’ve added another 5000 words onto the WIP from my last update onto the widget thingee on the sidebar. This week the Sydney’s Writer’s Festival is taking place, so I’m looking forward to attending one event.

Other ROW80 successes or otherwise can be found at this linky list.





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