Oversensitive? Me?

Callene tells me it’s okay to be oversensitive. I would want to believe there’s positive in this, I’m a writer afterall 🙂

A Round of Words in 80 Days: The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life

Writers often get classified with other artistic types as being overly emotional and overly sensitive.

And usually, no one says it to you as if it’s a good thing.

We writers seem to sometimes be at the mercy of the world around us as if we are leaves being buffeted in a strong wind, and events, people, and emotions can have a strong impact on us.

Being sensitive can have its drawbacks, but it can also have some major benefits for us as creative types.

Sensory Detail

We are tuned in to more sensory detail, and it can be a much richer experience just looking about us.   For example, leaves aren’t just green, they are a colorful cacophony of shade and hue and texture ranging from soft minty spring green to the mature bloom of summer.  Sensitive people can have higher ability to discriminate shade and color, and we can…

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