Beautiful vs Inspiring, which is better?

You’d think it was an easy answer. When faced with the moral dilemma of choosing between two blogging awards gifted upon me by Paula, I find my self-worth might be showing. If I go and choose “beautiful” I know that might show pride, a cardinal sin. And not actually the truth, either.

But “inspiring”? That’s quite an egotistical claim in itself.

How to appear self-deprecating and humble? Oh, darn it – I’ll take both, and then tell you the truth of it. You’re all sensible people – you decide.


I tell my partner to always remember to tell our daughter that she’s beautiful. As a child myself, I had no father – he died when I was very young, and I have no memory of him. So there was no man to ever tell me I was pretty.

My mother did a fantastic job as a mother, but often forgot to tell me anything but how good I was at schoolwork. Outward appearances didn’t come into it. Technically, that was the kind of world that many of us strive for, but in reality society has become even more mindful of what we look like. And that’s the world my own daughter is faced with.

At some point when I was in my late teens or early 20’s I was walking down the street and came up to a young mother and her child. I was passing the child when she grinned up at me and said, “You’re pretty.” It was something young children are naturally good at doing, and you tend to think they’re being honest.

But deep down, after never hearing that for two decades, I didn’t believe her. Now, when the very rare compliment comes my way, I still struggle with my confidence on that level. All it would have taken was a throwaway comment from some male role model in my younger years.

So, that’s why I remind my partner to not only compliment our daughter on how smart and kind she is, but also that she’s pretty enough to walk around with confidence, and accept compliments with grace.

Beauty is only skin deep, of course. And I have never been beautiful in that sense. Some might have classified me as Amazonian but for the lack of around ten inches. Some, exotic, but for the fact my NZ Maori origins also mean I tend to hold a lot of weight for my stature, and my hair goes fuzzy when moisture is found fifty miles away.


I read lots of inspirational blogs. On some Fridays I link (love) to some of them. I’ve also written many inspiring blogs in the past. But at this point I don’t consider the hunter’s writing blog overall to be one of them. I think I’m too early in the process of writing.

With reading, I pick and choose from writing blogs which offer me suggestions and thoughts for where I am in my own process. Or where I want to be shortly. Sharing those links is pretty much as inspiring as I get.

There are other blogs I simply read for their beauty or inspiration in other areas of my life. Haikus, for instance. And some writers who don’t write in my genre, or write much about writing, still lead interesting lives worth my attention.

Of course, my choices might not be to everyone’s liking. I read several tumblr blogs that enjoy putting up shock photos of murdered bodies or details of serial killers, for instance. I also enjoy some psychology themed blogs, and several offering forensics methods. All stuff for the trade of writing thriller or crime fiction, but sometimes I am even shocked by finding some photos without warning.

Inspiration changes. Just like beauty. Life is change. We all know that.

So I accept Paula’s award in humbleness and with a big thank you. I can only hope to inspire somebody from my writing.


Look what I did there. I got through the post offering a few facts and opinions without doing them in number point. In essence both the Inspirational Blogger and Beautiful Blogger awards run like most others – you link back to who gifted them to you (the lovely Paula, who is half way through her WIP at over 50,000 words) and tell everyone seven facts about yourself.

I hope I gave you seven above. If I didn’t here’s a spare –

That’s Ernie the cat (yeah, I’m not sure why I had to point out he’s a cat, either). Random shot taken just now. Yes, he blends into the duvet, that’s his cunning plan. Ernie is a writing cat. He’s always close by to offer support in the always lonely job of writing. Or sleeping, eating, or…

Passing it on

I specifically am passing these awards on (if they haven’t been accepted already). These go to Cas, Melissa, Vikki, Natalie and anybody else who reads me. Erm. Yeah. Have you noticed that passing on these blogging trinkets is primarily a supportive gesture from female bloggers?


2 thoughts on “Beautiful vs Inspiring, which is better?

  1. Awwwww, thanks honey 🙂

    Ha ha ha, well, when I passed on the Beautiful Blogger Award a couple of weeks ago I actually stated that I was only giving it to the girlies….this time, I might insist that the men accept it 😉

    Thanks again honey, and congrats, much deserved 🙂


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