#ROW80 Checkin – nearly there

I hit 60,000 on my shorts novella (which obviously isn’t a novella at all, but a full-blown novel), today. It’s a long weekend here in Aus, celebrating The Queen’s birthday (although she has her real one in April). The weather is horrible (it is winter, after all) so I’ve made the most and written a little. Normally I don’t write on the weekends, so this is a bonus.

Goals wise, I am looking okay at getting the shorts / novel finished by the end of the month, and meeting the Camp NaNoWriMo target of finishing 50,000 words (called a win). I am revising as I go, but will also need a decent revision time with the full thing, once I’ve had a bit of a break from the manuscript by a few days / couple of weeks perhaps. My wordcount each day is sporodic, depending on how much revision I do on earlier stories. Sometimes I gain, sometimes it looks like I’m going backwards, lol.

I only have two weeks now to get to that complete draft point, but can see the end of the tunnel. Hopefully then, there will be some other successes for ROW80 participants also.

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