Help me Decide the Book Cover

Dear Everyone. I need your help in deciding which is the best book cover to go with. Details follow.

Poll for You

The Old Style versus the New Style

Blue Daisies is the book I’m just finishing up. This is intended to be published as an e-short collection on Amazon etc, as a taster for the rest of the series. Blue Daisies will be Book One of perhaps six books in the Blue Finchett series. Blue is the name of a young forensic psychologist. In Blue Daisies she doesn’t have a major part in the action, but the collection is set in her student years in Liverpool, U.K.

As this is a cover for an ebook, it has to be easily read in very small format. That was a problem (I think) with my older style covers I was playing around with. So here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

1. Old Style cover for Blue Daisies.

This is not full size, of course.

2. New Cover for Blue Daisies

A Look at the Series, in Thumbnail Form

Okay, here’s the real decider. I’ve put together all the book covers I’ve got into series order. The first is the old covers in series. I have so far come up with only three of these, but you will see the look and feel of the covers in unison. Below is the new covers, for all six of the books I envision in the Blue Finchett series. Note that I’ve not yet come up with an idea or image for the sixth,  but you’ll get the gist. I am hoping that these covers really work as the series I want them to – see Blue’s image at the back across the six books.

Old Series – 3 covers
New Cover Series – 6 Books

My Question to You

Realising that I am not a book designer, but for my first book at least, I can’t afford to hire anyone, these covers are most probably full of faults. I value any comments, critiques and opinions you might have on the good and bad of both of them. I kind of like the simplistic icon-style of the newer covers, and the fact they work as a series, but you may have something else to say about the matter.

Note that all the titles, and covers, are working projects. The titles, and images may well change over time, but I need to have a start with that first title – Blue Daisies, and to know where I’m heading.

Please add your thoughts via comments on this post, or simply use the poll I’ve provided – old versus new. I look forward to your help.

8 thoughts on “Help me Decide the Book Cover

  1. The new ones are definitely classier. Thematic covers as a branding idea is absolutely a good way to go. Though one thought – once you’ve started, I wouldn’t change the brand half way through.

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