#ROW80 Final Checkin – Taking a Break

A belated last checkin for ROW80, but seems fitting.

Healthwise, my migraines have stopped, and I put off the next root canal treatment for a couple of weeks. The more you do, the more repercussions there are afterwards, so I’m giving myself some needed limbo time.

ROW80- wise. This is the last checkin for the second quarter of 2012. Round of Words in Eighty Days sure does make you realise how old you are, and therefore how time passes so quickly. Bleh.

But this round80, I managed to complete almost all my goals. The one I didn’t complete was to do a claymation movie with my daughter, which was seriously rubbish of me. On the other hand, the major writing goal, to complete the draft for my WIP (Blue Daisies) is done! Harahhh.

Not only that, but I made good on a previous promise, and actually did something about the book cover design. Too much, maybe, because now I’m running a poll, as I need your help in deciding which cover to go with. Old covers, new covers, series of covers, and the poll are found here.

Where to from Here?

Source: indulgy.com via Hunter on Pinterest


I’m taking a blog break for about a week, from this post on. It’s winter school holidays for my daughter, and we have some holiday activities planned for the family. The week will give my WIP time to grow some mould on it (I stuck it in a damp place, so that it would seed some more – Blue Daisies, geddit?). When I return from the break, I’ll be doing a second, perhaps third lot of revision on the stories, then looking out for betas/CP’s.

Whilst on holiday, I actually have a copy of the manuscript, but probably won’t feel up to reading it. Instead, I have a lot of half-read books to complete.

I’m also humming around holding a “book art” themed birthday party for my daughter – combining my two loves – literature, and art. If anybody is interested in this type of party, I’m collecting ideas for the party on two Pinterest boards – book themed, and art themed. I will be creating a Junque Journal with the party guests, using collage papers and a composition book (if I can find them around here). We’ll be holding a book swap, some book-themed games, and inside their new journals, they may have a little writing / art project assigned. We’ll see.

Once I’m back blogging etc, I’ll re-assess and create some more writing goals for myself.

Now, that’s all from me. Hopefully the next week or so for yourselves will be full of successes and fun also.

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