Some Checkins : #ROW80, #IWSG and goals

I’m back from holidays, but not necessarily back fully on the blog. Or writing work for a week.

It’s still winter school holidays for my daughter, and her being home on a chilly week means I have precious little time or motivation to begin back with the writing work – I’m saving that for next week – she’s still on holidays but she’s booked into holiday activities on four days, allowing me some time to myself.

So, this post is a jut in the path of holiday-itis (another good term instead of procrastination). I am updating my new goals for the new edition of Round of Words in Eighty Days (which kicked off July 1st or 2nd or something) and some minor thoughts for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group – which is due tomorrow.


I was in two minds to join in with the next 80 day challenge this year for ROW80. The year seems to be going exceedingly fast, and I had a lot of success with my goals for the last ROW80 quarter, but wondered towards relevancy this time around. And because I was concentrating greatly on writing to completion my first work last time around, I had less scope to visit other ROW80 challengers, and the reciprocity saw my own blog visited much less by ROW80 participants also, which was only fair.

But, to put my next goals out into the ether, I’ve decided to again participate, if only to keep me honest with myself. The goals this time are even more airy-fairy, however, because I don’t have the allowances for wordcount or time spent writing to provide a statistical basis for the work before me.

Goals for the Next Months

  1. Edit and publish Blue Daisies.This can be broken down to several tasks I can see for the coming weeks –
    1. Provide another revision of the draft myself. (1 week)
    2. Locate and send out to beta readers or critique partner (unknown time – several weeks)
    3. Investigate publishing methodologies.
    4. Revise and prepare for final version (1 week).
    5. Publish and market.
  2. Prepare for next novella – “Blue Popcorn”. This can be a high-end outline, probably stuck out onto cards (electronic).  I’ve decided against doing this novella in August’s Camp NaNoWriMo. July just seems to be going by too quickly, and my direction should be towards Blue Daisies as my debut. I will, perhaps aim for writing this out in the real NaNoWriMo in November. (I did win June’s Camp NaNo, though).
  3. Continue with blogging / social media.
  4. Reading – over my holidays away with the family we had limited if no internet access, allowing for a lot of reading catchups. Unfortunately this allowed me to realize that some of the headaches I’ve been struck with come from vision problems, particularly reading and screenwork. I’m booked in for an eye-test at the end of the week – picture me with bifocals, I already am. I’ve managed to strike off another four or so books on Goodreads, so for the next eighty days will set a target of another three, if possible.

More participants for the next round of ROW80 can be found here.


An Insecure Writer’s Support Group post is due also for the first Wednesday of the month. This seems very fitting as I move into the final stages of my debut novel. I’m scared stiff.

It seems that everywhere I read on the net, I find helpful advice from writers pointing out all the newbie mistakes first authors make – overuse of exclamation marks (check), overusing ellipses (check), telling not showing (check, check, check), adverb usage (not sure), characterisation mistakes (yeah, probably), plotting errors (check), weak first paragraphs (check) and the rest…(good one, another ellipsis overuse).

I’ve been back several times to look at my own writing for those helpful points. In fact, if I were honest, the whole thing has put me off sending my work out for the first time to some beta readers. What if I come across as a total non-writer, should I even want somebody to read (and laugh) at my stuff? My whole being is taking a big old step backward from the lifetime passion of writing – and having people enjoy my writing.

So, insecure writer, yes indeedy. Check. But I figure this is something everyone has to take a stand on at some point. If you want to be published, you have to have your stuff read by somebody – probably laughed at, but at least some of those newbie mistakes I’m blind to, may be lit up.

Just give me another coupla weeks to find the courage.

IWSG can be found here.

Holiday Update

My family spent a week on the Gold Coast, doing all the theme parks that people with kids of a certain age do.

Theme parks, laser mazes, wildlife sanctuaries where we petted koalas, seals, dolphins, kangaroos and held baby crocodiles, all that sort of thing. A highlight was being mobbed my wild lorikeets who are fed with liquid nectar, the luxury. I have pictures of me with Wonder Woman, the Scooby Doo team, and several of the superhero Flash’s butt because he refused to face my camera. I have photos of me trying to take photos of my family while being shot at by water canons from a pirate ship, or trying to get mantra rays staying still long enough to not look like a blurry leaf with a hand on it. There are also a couple of me stupidly going down roller coasters and water flumes (in the middle of winter). Never again. I don’t do adrenaline very well.

It was a blast, and totally took my mind off my just finished WIP, Blue Daisies. Totally. Didn’t give it one thought, although at some point I did suddenly come up with a Eureka moment which completely complicates the heck out of the next novella, Blue Popcorn. It seems my mind is already moving onto my next project, even when this one is only 1/3 of the way through. Doh.

This week I have all the photographs we took to add to our year’s digital scrapbook – I was a scrapbook designer in a previous life. And my daughter wrote a travel journal during the week, which we will be taking into a junque journal arrangement, full of all the little mementos we picked up during the week.

And now I will return to oblivion, try to catch up with all the lost emails, and spend an hour out in the sun – which the Gold Coast didn’t offer us for the week – reading that book I need to return to the library yesterday.


3 thoughts on “Some Checkins : #ROW80, #IWSG and goals

  1. I know what you mean about being bombarded with info, the Do’s and Dont’s for the new writer *sighs deeply* 😦

    I think we all get a little too hung up about it all lol, I’m not sure it’s as bigger issue as they tell us it is. I’ve read loads of books recently that I could pick holes in (ESP re show v tell) but they’re still published *pouts*

    (((((hugs))))) honey and good luck xx

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. I will definitely be publishing, it’s the editing that I’m looking at all the advice on, lol.

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