#ROW80 It’s all in the eyes

I’m writing this ROW80 checkin post a day early, as I will be away from the computer come mid-week. The work towards my goals – namely to rewrite / edit my draft on Blue Daisies, hasn’t gone as planned.

Although I did begin the edits these last few days, I’ve been struck down by migraine headaches again. I’ve now got enough proof that these eyes of mine are aging quicker than I would like. So, off to the optometrist I go, and I’m actually looking forward to getting some new glasses.

I’ve been wearing corrective lens devices (glasses and contact lenses) since my early twenties. Glasses don’t fit me well – apparently I don’t have much of a bridge to my nose. So for twenty or so years, I’ve been a contact girl by day, and have used my glasses predominantly in the evenings. Now, as I struggle both with close-up work, and reading anything at a distance, I remember back to the bifocals my mother used to have to use.

Hoping that the optometrist will correct all my ails with new prescriptions, I face the fact that I may now have to embrace spectacles much better than I have done. In my forties, as a writer, it seems less significant. Having given up on any attempts at holding onto any outward appearances I may have once had, I quite fancy taking on the character persona of an older woman peering down her bifocals, looking like the wise old nana I never had. I’m even contemplating Dame Edna Everidge type glasses – big purple ones, without the flouncy bits – if they have them.

Hopefully new glasses will also help me out with the revision process. Returning to my work after a little break, and looking at it with fresh eyes has allowed me to see some of the gaps and flaws. Also, some of my bits of what I hope is “really good writing” – yes, there does seem some good bits in there, if I look deep enough, and pretend the headaches not there for the moment.

The upshot is my ROW80 goals have been a little scarpered for the week, but that’s okay. Part of the process, allowing me to give it a lot of thought, currently with the curtains pulled and the lights off.

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