#sixsunday Six Sentences from my WIP 22/7

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My six sentences come from my work in progress – Blue Daisies. BD is in self-edit right now, before moving onto more edits, so you never know – even these sentences might be tossed.

This scene is at  Syd’s family home, where he is about to introduce his new American fiancée, Maddie, to the family.

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’

Syd sneezed and cast a blaming glance at the aging tulips in the garden bed beside them. He mumbled, ‘Isn’t that what I’m meant to be saying to you?’

They stood on his parent’s doorstep, Maddie dramatically bundled up against a non-existent cold in a faux-fur coat that only a few could get away with.

Being a biologist, nobody ever questioned her over whether the coat was really a fake or not. Syd presumed otherwise.

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